RSMeans is the industry source for accurate and expert information on materials, labor and construction costs.  Localized, simple, always reliable, and backed by expert cost engineers, RSMeans has been the most trusted cost information source in North America for over 70 years.


Cost Data at your fingertips.

RSMeans cost estimating data makes it easy to keep reliable information at your fingertips. RSMeans keeps track of the costs for you, along with a wide range of other key information, including costs for more than 900 cities in the U.S. and Canada, productivity rates, crew composition, and contractor’s overhead and profit rates. You’ll have access to over 20 data sets in book, online, CD-ROM and ebook formats.

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Custom Solutions.

RSMeans works for federal agencies, program managers, commercial real estate owners, insurers and contractors throughout the US and internationally—providing building cost models, quantifying preventative maintenance investments and capital replacement values, and analyzing lifecycle costs.

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Analytical Tools.

Predict both the needs of new construction as well as existing facilities and building systems. RSMeans’ robust database and online applications provide reliable cost models in minutes, customized to any geographic location in the U.S. and Canada.

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RSMeans Online.

Construction professionals from all corners of the industry use RSMeans Online to find and validate local or national construction costs, build complete estimates, or get quick, conceptual estimates for a variety of building types. With access to more than 85,000 up-to-date unit price line items, construction assemblies, and square foot building models, RSMeans is the go-to-source for the latest costs, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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Seminars & Training.

Designed for construction professionals, RSMeans educational programs are aimed at improving cost estimating, project management, administration and facilities management skills. Seminars are intensive one- and two-day programs complete with workbooks, reference materials and instructors with decades of experience.

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  • Over its 311-acre campus, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) encompasses 15 colleges, including the nation's largest medical school. UIC uses its JOC program on a variety of medical-related projects, including renovation of the Emergency Room X-Ray Suite, installation of a Hospital Vacuum System, construction of PET-CT Rooms, renovation of the Ears, Nose and Throat Clinit, and a remodel of the Hematology/Oncology Suite.

    Mike Hansen

    University of Illinois at Chicago

    Chicago, IL

  • Cooperative Educational Services (CES) is an organization comprised of New Mexico's 89 school districts, plus 81 other public education institutions. Cities, counties, colleges and schools in New Mexico utilize Gordian ezIQC through Cooperative Educational Services, to procure various repair and renovation projects.

    Mike Hansen

    Cooperative Educational Services

    State of New Mexico

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